“Shui Long Yin” Producer Reunites with Luo Yunxi After “Till the End of the Moon”

"Shui Long Yin" Producer Reunites with Luo Yunxi After "Till the End of the Moon"

Recently, there has been a surge in promos for Leo Luo Yunxi’s newest costume drama “Shui Long Yin” (水龙吟). The show recently announced on April 24, 2024 that filming has concluded and the cast photos have been released, revealing striking resemblances between the costumes in “Shui Long Yin” and those seen in the hit series “Till the End of the Moon.” This similarity may not come as a surprise to some, considering that this marks the third collaboration between lead actor Luo Yunxi and producer Wang Yirong (王翼荣), who also collaborated in “Till the End of the Moon” and “Immortality.”

Luo Yunxi has the aura of a strong, empathetic character

In a recent interview with Yu Li (娱理), Wang Yirong (王翼荣), the producer of the upcoming “Shui Long Yin” (水龙吟), shared insights into the 35-year-old actor. Describing Leo Luo Yunxi’s portrayal, she emphasized his captivating presence, “His facial features are very striking, and his overall demeanor is very impactful. His eyes and aura exude a strong individual with a sense of empathy, making it easy to explore various creative possibilities.”

Shui Long Yin cast

Luo Yunxi’s approach to his craft, as described by Wang Yirong, reflects a deep commitment to authenticity and excellence. His willingness to delve into the core themes of the story and collaborate closely with the team showcases his dedication to his artistry. Wang Yirong also teased fans with insights into the action sequences, revealing that “Luo Yunxi will have more room to showcase his skills in fight scenes, challenging unique and rarely seen high-difficulty action sequences.”

Shui Long Yin Cast includes Xu Zhengxi

In “Shui Long Yin,” Luo Yunxi takes center stage, headlining the drama alongside an ensemble cast. Joining him are familiar faces such as Xiao Shunyao, reuniting with Luo after playing the villain in “Till the End of the Moon.” Additionally, the cast includes Ao Ziyi, Alen Fang Yilun, Bao Shangen, Sebrina Chen Yao who’s worked with Luo Yunxi a few times already, and Jelly Lin Yun. It’s a pleasant surprise to learn that Jeremy Xu Zhengxi makes a special appearance, after all, he previously announced he was leaving showbiz. Other guest stars include Riley Wang, Xie Binbin, Jiang Zhenyu, and Yang Shize.

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