Immortality Teases FIRST Posters of Arthur Chen and Luo Yunxi After Filming Wraps!

Hao Yixing
Immortality Teases New Posters

Immortality 皓衣行 fans, hold on to your hats because after 153 days on set, filming for the much hyped drama has finally wrapped! Yup, that’s right. And what better way to celebrate than with new official posters to bump up the buzz right? Leave it to the two stars of the drama, Arthur Chen Feiyu and Leo Luo Yunxi to give us a peek as they simultaneously dropped some gorgeous posters of their characters this afternoon.

Chen Feiyu captions his with “I hear I have three faces, which one will you choose?” Playing Mo Ran in Immortality, his posters clearly reflect his character’s journey through his three “faces” – from the dark evil Taxian-jun, to his mischievous and sassy reborn version and finally to his virtuous self because of Chu Wanning.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunxi’s posters as Chu Wanning are captioned “Being a teacher, I have three heavenly weapons, which one do you want to see?” This of course references his whip Tianwen, his ebony guqin Jiuge, and the most powerful one, the sword Huaisha.

What do you guys think of the visuals? I think they really nailed the casting for this adaptation!

Whoo! Could the whips be hinting at something to come ?

Also, dramas have a tendency to receive some flak over top billing so to prevent any blow ups, production made sure to carefully indicate “in no particular order” when tagging the actors in their post. So we’re stealing a page out of their book and doing it alphabetically too.

Haoyixing Immortality

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