It’s Official: Luo Yunxi and Arthur Chen Headline Drama Adaptation of The Husky and His White Cat Shizun

Boy oh boy. Look at what just dropped into our laps! Remember the drama adaptation of the popular novel TheHusky and His White Cat Shizun 二哈和他的白猫 and how we were guessing that Leo Luo Yunxi and Arthur Chen Feiyu were the actors roped in to play the two male lead roles? All the time spent perusing and zooming in on the two conceptual posters that production designed was well worth it as it turns out Netizen’s spidey skills were bang on the money! We still have no official posters to show, but at least we’ve got good news. 

The drama Hao Yi Xing  皓衣, now with a running English title of Immortality, officially confirmed the casting via letters from the leads in a new post indicating – “New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and Master Chu (Leo Luo Yunxi) and Mo Weiyu (Arthur Chen Feiyu) have letters”. 
“…..In the coming year ahead, I hope I get to eat a bowl of hot chili oil wontons everyday. “
What do you guys have to say about the casting now that the drama has officially confirmed Leo as Master Chu and Arthur as Mo Ran?  As to how their roles will progress in the drama adaptation though, things are still looking uncertain at this point with censorship and all that. Will it end up to be a watered down version of the novel, or will the whole BL aspect be written out completely? Maybe the genders of certain characters will be changed? Who knows. Perhaps the script will manage to walk the thin line set by the censors while staying true to the novel. Time will soon tell.
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