Jeremy Xu Zhengxi Makes Shocking Announcement, “Farewell to My Post as an Actor”

Jeremy Xu Zheng Xi's Makes Shocking Announcing That He's Bidding Farewell to Showbiz

Jeremy Tsui, known by his Chinese name Xu Zhengxi, sent shockwaves through social media just hours ago. He shared a cryptic message accompanied by a black and white sketch of the late Kobe Bryant where he appears to be walking away, suggesting a sense of finality or farewell.

In the post, Xu Zhengxi wrote, “I bid farewell to my post as an actor. Thank you for your long-time support 🙇🏻‍♂️ Sorry for causing you trouble 🙏 Thank you for everything. I love you.” The unexpected announcement immediately ignited speculation. It also propelled the hashtag about Xu Zhengxi leaving showbiz (#徐正溪退圈#) to the number one spot on Weibo’s hot search.

Xu Zheng Xi bids farewell

Fans and netizens were left scrambling to decipher the true meaning behind the 38-year-old actor’s farewell message. Amidst the questions flooding his comments section, Xu Zhengxi said that he would complete the projects currently on his plate. The timing of the announcement comes at a busy time for the actor. He’s bee actively promoting Yongan Dream where he portrayed the male lead opposite Ouyang Nana. He has yet another new drama with the recently-aired Burning Flames where he played a supporting role.

Reports circulating on social media suggest that Xu Zhengxi’s decision may be linked to disagreements with his management company. According to Chinese site Sohu, a friend of Xu Zhengxi’s revealed tensions between the actor and his management company as their contract approaches expiration. Allegedly, the two parties have clashed over script selections, with recent disputes escalating when the management company wanted Xu Zhengxi to compromise his principles by accepting multiple projects simultaneously, leading to further conflict.

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