Medical Drama “Live Surgery Room” Stars Zhang Binbin and Dai Xu

Medica Drama “Live Surgery Room” Starring Zhang Binbin and Dai Xu Premieres April 6th!

Look what’s hitting the screens this week! Adapted from the novel of the same name by Zhen Xiong Chu Mo, Live Surgery Room 手术直播间 is set to drop its premiere episode on April 6th. If you fancy a behind the scenes look at the drama happening inside (and outside) the OR, be sure to tune in to the series starring Vin Zhang Binbin and Dai Xu.

With so many medical themed dramas floating around, production made sure to push the envelope a little bit and strike a perfect balance between accuracy and dramatic performance. To do so, the crew actively checked-in with medical consultants. This approach mirrors the standard set by contemporary medical dramas such as The Heart and the more recent Fantastic Doctors. While this has another genius doctor at the helm, it features not one, but two male leads whose dynamics may be worth the watch. It also features Liu Mintao in a special starring role as well as Yuan Shanshan, Eden Zhao Zhiwei and Yang Yutong who also happens to be the new Zhao Ling’er in the currently-airing Sword and Fairy series.

Live Surgery Room Synopsis

Sent to Haicheng Hospital to uncover the truth behind a wrongfully resolved case from 18 years ago, Zheng Ren teams up with Su Yun to meet challenges and solve difficult medical cases with their ER team. In doing so, they rediscover their passion and their original motivation for becoming doctors in the first place.

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Whereas protagonists in medical dramas are imbued with “ideal” personalities, the characters in Live Surgery Room are anything but. Take Zhang Binbin’s Zheng Ren. Although he’s blessed with exceptional medical skills, he’s extremely lacking in the warmth and empathy department. Dai Xu who played supporting roles in dramas like A Dream of Splendor and The Legends plays Su Yun, the successor of a medical family. He appears nonchalant about his profession but he’s actually a sensitive person who suffers from PTSD due to an old medical accident. Likewise, as the director of Haicheng Hospital, Su Li, Liu Mintao’s character is tireless and dedicated. Yet she’s extremely harsh on the people around her.

Live Surgery Room is produced by Dun Qi who also produced popular projects such as Empresses in the Palace and ER Doctors.

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