Zhang Wanyi Brings to Life the “Good Doctor” With Asperger’s in “Fantastic Doctors”

Fantastic Doctors 非凡医者, a medical drama starring Zhang Wanyi as Chen Hui, a doctor with Asperger’s syndrome, is just over a day away. The series is based on the popular K-Drama Good Doctor, which previously spawned Japanese and American remakes and is now making its way to Chinese television.

From the looks of it, the series promises to pack a punch just like its predecessors. There’s even that familiar opening scene of our new doctor on his way to his interview. The doctors of the hospital are waiting for him to no avail. This is because our hero is out on the street performing surgery using makeshift medical tools on a little boy whose life is in danger. It’s tough since the good doctor can barely express himself well, but he certainly is a genius. As a big fan of the original version, I really like how the remakes retained the scene. It’s intense, plus, it’s a cool way to introduce the main character.

Zhang Wanyi has been on a roll lately given that this is his third drama to air this year after the hit xianxia series Lost You Forever and the father-son drama A Long Way Home. The 29-year-old actor has certainly been diversifying his roles, and it’ll be exciting to see how him up his game once more to put his own touch in this well-loved character. He is joined by Jiang Peiyao as the female lead and singer-actor Zheng Yunlong.

Fantastic Doctors is set to premiere starting November 17, 2023 on Hunan TV and Mango TV.

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