“Legend of Zhen Huan” Emperor Chen Jianbin Reveals His “Troubles” as the Only Guy On the Set

"Legend of Zhen Huan" Emperor Chen Jianbin Reveals His “Troubles” as the Only Guy On the Set

Ten years after Legend of Zhen Huan aired, Chen Jianbin, the actor who played the Yongzheng Emperor in the series reveals what it’s like to be the lone guy on the set surrounded by all his women co-stars. Given that the show is all about the behind-the-scenes schemes and machinations within the Imperial harem, it’s to be expected that Chen Jianbin would be outnumbered by his female co-stars. But wait till you learn what he found to be super exasperating about being surrounded by all the women on the set!

Legend of Zhen Huan Emperor Chen Jianbin

 “It’s quite exasperating”

As the only thorn amongst the roses, Chen Jianbin laughingly recounts how after each take all the women would start chattering with each other at the same time. Meanwhile, no one paid him any heed whilst he was sat there all alone on the Emperor’s throne. “When on set filming, I was the lone man in such a big room whilst the rest of the cast were all women… it was still okay whilst we were filming and they all kow- towed …” However it’s a different story when each take was done “A woman is like 200 ducks. And in that (big) room, there were countless “ducks” talking simultaneously. I was exasperated!” he cheekily said.

Chen Jianbin also added that “it was very depressing”.  Under the circumstances, he said he can totally relate to how an Emperor would feel as all he could do was to silently exit the scene. Okay so maybe back in the day, the ladies would’ve probably been silent or at least more quiet at the Imperial court. But the feeling of alone-ness is probably the same and relatable.

Legend of Zhen Huan 后宫甄嬛传 is also known as Empresses in the Palace. It starred actress Sun Li as the titular Zhen Huan who entered the harem as a pure and innocent girl. After being subjected to the spiteful and cold-blooded machinations of the concubines vying for power, she gradually transforms into the hardened and cruel Empress Dowager. Legend of Zhen Huan also stars Ada Choi, Liu Xue Hua, Jiang Xin, Li Dong Xue and Tina Tang Yixin.

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