Lin Gengxin With Girlfriend Shi Ruiyi Amidst Popular CP With Zhao Liying Leaves Some Fans Heartbroken

Lin Gengxin Hangs Out With Girlfriend Shi Ruiyi Even As He Promotes His CP With Zhao Liying
Photos: Lin Gengxin Studio and Shi Ruiyi / Weibo

Lin Gengxin (Kenny Lin) seems to be the epitome of separating work with his personal life. The 36-year-old actor was once again spotted by paparazzi out for a drive with his 24-year-old girlfriend Shi Ruiyi (史芮伊). Though they never confirmed, they were also papped together last October as they strolled through a mall.

Shi Ruiyi is a fairly new actress having played a small role in Amidst a Snowstorm of Love. She was among the aspiring idol’s in the survival show Produce Camp 2020 where she ranked in 55th upon her elimination.

Lin Geng Xin and Shi Rui Yi

Thanks to The Legend of Shen Li, Lin Gengxin has seen a huge resurgence in popularity. He’s often trending on the hot search lately. He’s also been actively promoting the drama and his CP (couple pairing) with Zhao Liying. From enthusiastically replying to fans’ comments about Yu Wen Yue and Xing Er – their pairing in another popular drama Princess Agents, to posting a clip of him belting out the song “girl, my story begins with you ..” taken by his co-star of him, he’s definitely hyping up their pairing much to the delight of fan shippers.

Lin Gengxin
Screenshot: Lin Gengxin / Weibo

However, recent photographs of Lin Gengxin with Shi Ruiyi didn’t sit well with some who bluntly expressed their disbelief. Why now, when fans were heavily shipping his CP with his co-star? Perhaps fans had assumed he’d downplay his relationship status for his CP to shine through?

Whilst many are mature enough to accept that the actor has his own personal life during his “off hours” which is completely separate from work, others remain critical. There are also those who believe he might not even be in a relationship. In the past, Lin Gengxin was linked to celebs like Claudia Wang Likun and Gai Yuexi over similar paparazzi sightings that were never confirmed.

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