Dating Rumours Between To Love Co-stars Lin Gengxin and Gai Yuexi Heat Up After Being Spotted Acting Affectionately Towards Each Other

Lin Gengxin and Ge Yuexi
Lin Gengxin and Ge Yuexi  in To Love

If you squealed over Lin Gengxin and Gai Yuexi in their currently airing crime drama To Love 最初的相遇, 最后的别离, no doubt you’ll squealing a wee bit more with the news that Yanjin and Xiao Ou could potentially be dating in real life! As the stars of the suspenseful drama, anyone watching them on screen can see they have great chemistry with each other and have been looking super sweet in their scenes.

Which is probably why it’s not surprising that this isn’t actually the first time both actors have been rumoured to be dating each other. In this case however, both Lin Gengxin and Gai Yuexi were spotted being quite touchy feely and affectionate towards each other whilst out dining with friends recently. Gai Yuexi was later seen also holding Lin Gengxin’s hand after he put his arm around her. At one point the pair seemingly even hugged and shared a kiss.

Despite repeated dating rumors with Wang Likun that eventually turned into breakup rumors, Lin Gengxin never did get around to confirming anything so I imagine getting any sort of confirmation from his camp or Gai Yuexi’s will be quite a stretch. Interestingly, when asked for a comment, staff from Lin Gengxin’s management vaguely said “I’m not sure. I wasn’t present at the dinner”. Media didn’t fare any better with the response from Gai Yuexi’s team who also ambiguously answered “it’s not suitable to respond”.  

They do say however that a picture (or a video perhaps?) is worth a thousand words so maybe …

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