Zhao Liying Says They Cried from Morning to Evening Shooting the Big Finale with Lin Gengxin

Zhao Liying Says They Cried from Morning to Evening Shooting the Big Finale with Lin Gengxin

Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin, stars of ‘The Legend of Shen Li‘ (与凤行), have been actively promoting their new series. A recent interview with Ruxi 入戏 gained traction as they shared their most memorable scene in the drama. Without question, they both pointed to the finale.

In “The Legend of Shen Li,” Zhao Liying revealed the shoot for the big finale lasted for an entire day. The 36-year-old actress found herself in tears from morning until evening. Lin Gengxin joked about the schedule, noting at the ingenuity of having all the crying scenes in one day. The actor said tears flowed in every scene. He even admitted to crying so much that he was in a daze. Zhao Liying added that it was “heartbreaking,” especially since they’re usually laughing and joking around on set. However, during that particular scene, the emotional intensity was palpable. The scene was also shot in one continuous take from start to finish.

Their revelations have left fans feeling a bit apprehensive about the conclusion. Will it be a sad ending? After all, the series began on a sweet note. As Zhao Liying talked about when her character fell in love, she answered, “from the very start.” It was heartwarming to witness the main couple spending so much time together, especially when it was just the two of them. It was even amusing to see the scenes with Zhao Liying as a chicken. Now, the narrative has transitioned from the mortal realm to the divine realm. Although the main couple was swiftly reunited, Lin Gengxin’s Xing Yun, now the immortal Xing Zhi, denies they met before, leaving Shen Li, portrayed by Zhao Liying, in tears.

The Legend of Shen Li presents both the male and female leads as strong and powerful characters, yet their path to being together appear fraught with obstacles, as it’s forbidden for gods to fall in love. Regarding the ending, we’ll have to wait and see. Many believe the creators wouldn’t leave fans with another disappointing conclusion, especially considering the “violent” reactions to the ending of ‘Princess Agents years ago, where numerous viewers had their hearts shattered and vented their frustrations online. Some suggest that the story closely follows the tone of the novel, blending light comedy with moments of tears and laughter. While there may be sad moments, let’s hope for a satisfying conclusion.

Source: Ruxi

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