Produce Camp 2020 Mentors Unveiled: Tao, Luhan, Show Lo, Mao Buyi and Victoria Song

Starting out as the spinoff of its Korean counterpart, Produce 101 China 创造101 which evolved into Produce Camp 2019 the following year is gearing up for another season. 

Produce Camp 2020 创造营2020 had been dropping posters with clues about each of its new lineup of mentors that will be leading its all-female contestants. Unaware that the purpose was to keep the audience guessing, Huang Zitao who had the role of nation’s producer in Produce 101 had let slip that he was indeed returning. 
Today, the faces behind each poster are officially revealed and it proves to be a star-studded one with Luhan, Show Lo, Mao Buyi and Victoria Song also signing on. Being a casual watcher of many of these survival shows, this lineup brings a number of reunions such as Luhan and Victoria from Hot-Blood Dance Crew, Show and Tao for Street Dance of China. Show was also a dance mentor in Produce 101 where Mao Buyi had previously appeared as guest. Born in 1994, Mao Buyi will be known as the maknae (youngest) of the group even though he clearly doesn’t know what it means since went on to ask what maknae was. 
Last but certainly not the least, this serves as a reunion between former EXO members Huang Zitao and Luhan. I never thought I’d see the day and I praise thee showrunners for this genius idea. Will you be watching?  
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