Jeremy Xu Zhengxi Talks About Future Plans and Interest to Become a Director

Jeremy Xu Zhengxi Talks About His Plans and Interest to Become a Director
Xu Zheng Xi as Hei Long

Chinese actor Jeremy Xu Zhengxi is known by various aliases such as Jeremy Tsui or Jones Xu. After entering showbiz in 2007, he’s appeared in various works from a supporting role in the 2011 drama “Waking Love Up” to the charismatic Yuwen Hu in “The Legend of Dugu” and Li Wangping in “Siege in Fog.” Most recently, he plays the villain in the xuanhuan series “Burning Flames.” It may even be among the 38-year-old actor’s last dramas to air as he had previouslly announced his retirement from showbiz.

“Whether I become a director, producer or actor again…”

It’s been a few weeks since and Jeremy Xu Zhengxi finally reappeared in the public eye to promote the finale of his latest drama. Many praise his professionalism since his work commitment was the reason he’s back on social media. Xu Zhengxi appeared in a livestream with director Cheng Wei-man where he bid farewell to his character Hei Long in “Burning Flames”‘ and temporarily said goodbye to himself as Zhengxi. When asked if he had any interest in becoming a director, his answer was a resounding “yes.” He stated his intention to finish his current project first before taking time to sort things out.

Xu Zhengxi expressed his heartfelt desire to spend more time with his parents as he’s been busy acting for the past years and hasn’t really been home. In fact, his goal this 2024 is to travel with them. Because regardless of the industry he may pursue in the future, he aims to experience life’s simple joys. It looks like he hasn’t ruled out acting altogether when he said, “whether becoming a director, producer or even an actor again,” it’s that love that he hopes he can convey to viewers.

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