Ady An dishes the dirt on Jeremy Tsui behind the scenes of The Legend of Dugu

Despite being the second leads, Ady An and Jeremy Tsui’s tragic love story in The Legend of Dugu 独孤天下 has gained much attention online. I still remember the wedding scene from episode 9 which was heartbreaking to watch when Banruo rejects Yuwen Hu to marry Zou Ting Wei’s character Yuwen Yu. 

I felt bad for Yuwen Hu throughout the entire thing, but Ady An recently posted a slew of pictures to reveal the mood behind the scenes – it was rather lethargic since Jeremy Tsui chose a corner to sleep! She also craftily rewrites how the scene should have gone.
Yuwen Yu: What are you doing here? Yuwen Hu: Actually, I’m here to sleep.
Yuwen Hu hogging the bed in the background
zzz..  are the eyes half-open or half-close?
Yup, he’s gone.
In response, Jeremy Tsui admits that he was in the wrong (since he started the whole thing by sending Ady her ugly pic via Wechat first). Yet he claims the bed was really his anyway. Of course, he came back with a similarly humorous photo up his sleeves. 
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