Jeremy Tsui gains attention for “Legend of Dugu”, his signature poses becoming memes

I didn’t really know much about Jeremy Tsui despite the actor having starred in many number of dramas throughout his career of over ten years. He can be recently seen in The Legend of Dugu and Siege in Fog, both of which started airing as web dramas in the past few weeks.
In Dugu, Jeremy Tsui makes such an impressionable portrayal that his hands on the waist poses are being turned into memes. As the grand advisor Yuwen Hu, he is cunning, fears no one and relents to no one except towards the love of his life (played by Ady An). He’s supposed to be bad and yet his ability to make a sympathetic villain out of the character has been winning hearts from episode one (at least that’s how it went for me). I should add a disclaimer that you probably have to be a fan to be able to relate to this post, and if you are, then you might enjoy these.

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