Chen Zheyuan Reunites with Liang Jie in “The White Olive Tree”

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Chen Zheyuan and Liang jie Star in The White Olive Tree

For its 2024 World Conference, streaming service iQiyi released a brand new trailer for its upcoming modern romance series The White Olive Tree 白色橄榄树. Chen Zheyuan and Liang Jie star in this one with the actor playing volunteer explosives expert Li Zan and Liang Jie as war reporter Song Ran.

The drama adaptation of Jiu Yuexi’s novel of the same name details the love story between Li Zan and Song Ran. Forged within the bleakness and uncertainty of war in the fictitional war torn Dongguo, Li Zan was captured by a terrorist organization to save Song Ran. He was forced to suffer through inhuman torture whilst in captivity. Although he was eventually rescued, he couldn’t forget the horrors he’d seen and endured. After returning home, the two lost touch whilst suffering through the mental and emotional toll of war. But as fate decreed, they meet again years later.

Putting Billing Controversies Behind

The controversy surrounding Chen Zheyuan unfortunately doesn’t give off the best sort of impression of him especially now that his career has started taking off after Hidden Love. With the dispute over billing order between him and co-star Ju Jingyi in Sword and Fairy 4, followed by the tea according to showbiz insiders that the actor’s agency also pushed for billing in Love on the Turquoise Land, it seems the move ultimately backfired because the next thing you know, Reba’s pairing with Chen Xingxu was being announced.

This time, there’s no issue like before, and that’s how it should be. When push comes to shove, it’s the drama itself that truly matters, whether it’s good or not. The White Olive Tree is from the same author behind the TV series Fireworks of My Heart, which, despite being widely panned, was still a massive hit. Perhaps this one can be a hit, minus the criticisms.

A Reunion After Handsome Siblings

Liang Jie comes to the project with a long list of dramas under her belt since she first rose to fame in The Eternal Love. In fact, her chemistry with Xing Zhaolin had fans gushing so much so that they’ve been paired once again in 2020’s You Are My Destiny. The actress has a history of collaborating with co-stars again, from Zeng Shunxi to Hu Yitian. Chen Zheyuan is in fact another familiar face she’s working with again. The two previously starred together in Handsome Siblings back in 2020 where she played a character in love with Chen Zheyuan’s Xiao Yu’er.

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