Love On The Turquoise Land Confirms Dilraba Dilmurat And Chen Xingxu Pairing In Boot Ceremony

Love on the Turquoise Land
Love on the Turquoise Land

Dilraba Dilmurat and Chen Xingxu’s upcoming drama Love on the Turquoise Land 枭起青壤 finally kicks of filming. Before Chen Xingxu, the rumourmill pegged Sword and Fairy 4 star Chen Zheyuan as the leading man for the show. This unfortunately sparked rumours of friction over billing though the project was eventually back on track albeit with a new male lead attached.

Visually speaking, Dilraba and Chen Xingxu appear to be well matched so I imagine many of Reba’s fans will be happy about it. And, despite being younger by four years to Dilraba’s 31, Chen Xingxu seems to project a mature vibe thus making their first time pairing quite suitable. With a handful of leading roles already to his name and the acting chops to boot, there’s every chance that this could well be his big break especially if the show fares well amongst audiences.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by author Wei Yu, Love on the Turquose Land is a modern fantasy drama telling the story of Nie Jiuluo (Dilraba Dilmurat), a descendant of the ancient “Guantou Army” and the wealthy Yan Tuo (Chen Xingxu). As they begin to explore the secrets of the past, the pair join forces to search for the truth.

Love on the Turquoise Land

The series also stars Zhang Li as the mysterious Lin Xirou and Pan Meiye as Feng Mi.

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