Burning Flames: A Final Battle with Many Casualties

"Burning Flames": A Final Battle with Casualties

In the “Burning Flames” finale, Wu Geng, formerly enslaved, spearheads a rebellion against the tyranny of the gods. From the outset, the narrative builds to this moment where Allen Ren Jialun as Wu Geng, representing the human tribe, marshals forces to confront the formidable antagonist Hei Long, played by Jeremy Tsui. Amidst the chaos of war, sacrifices are made. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

The Final Battle Against Hei Long

It began even before Wu Geng’s forces clashed with the Shen Tribe. Bei’er (Liu Xiening), in a one-sided love with Wu Geng, sacrificed herself to protect everyone. A Lan (Bambi Zhu), manipulated into assassinating Hei Long, inadvertently harmed Bai Long (Joe Chen), leading to her own demise at Hei Long’s hands. There are more deaths like General An (Wang Hai Xiang), Fu Xi (Liu Xiang Jing) and Chen Jing (Han Dong). Xin Yue Kui (Jiang Xin), obsessed with Hei Long, realized his true intentions of reviving Bai Long, and died in his hands over her own misguided actions. When the good guys finally face off against Hei Long, the initial confrontation is intense. Ni Tian Er Xing (Zhu Zhengting) dies fighting, petrifying into stone. The sinister plot is revealed as Ming Dao’s character, a fallen ancient god, manipulated Shen Yan (Zhang Lei) to orchestrate the war. His goal was for Wu Geng to weaken Hei Long just enough for him to seize power instead. It doesn’t work because Bai Cai, the female lead played by Fair Xing, sacrifices herself to thwart their plans but it also means Hei Long survies.

In the climactic battle, fueled by rage over Bai Long’s death, Hei Long faced off against Wu Geng. Despite being initially overwhelmed, Wu Geng returned with newfound strength from Ni Tian Er Xing’s spirit and weapon as well as the immortal phoenix, ultimately defeating Hei Long and restoring peace to the three realms.

Burning Flames Wedding

The Ending We’ve All Seen Before

As Wu Geng and Bai Cai stood side by side on the day of their wedding, tragedy struck. Bai Cai revealed she was at the end of her life and disintegrated before Wu Geng’s eyes. Believing her to be somewhere out there, he bids comrades like Zi Yu (Yan Yikuan) and Shi Xing (Merxat) farewell and sets out on a long journey to find her. The series ends on a poignant note as he sees a snowman in front of their old house. The door swings open, and we’re left in suspense, unable to see who stands before him. Wu Geng’s eyes fill with tears, but a hopeful smile graces his lips. Could Bai Cai still be alive?

“Burning Flames” draws from the renowned Manhua/Donghua series “Wu Geng Ji,” inviting inevitable comparisons from its dedicated fanbase. Clearly, the adaptation takes liberties. In the original storyline, characters like A Lan and Xin Yue Kui have different outcomes. Apparently, the main characters were also “weakened” and not showing their full potential like Ni Tian Er Xing’s character. Similarly, Hei Long, portrayed as an all-powerful being, shouldn’t be defeated so easily. In the original, he is depicted as using only a fraction of his energy for the battle. Bai Long’s death prompts him to retreat into seclusion.

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