Theo Zhu Zhengting On The Assumption That Acting Is An Idol’s End Game

Zhu Zhengting
Idol vs Actor

C-pop Idol turned actor Theo Zhu Zhengting recently sat down for a chat with online entertainment program The Amazing Star 抱走吧! 大明星, sharing his thoughts about the common assumption that an idol’s end game is to be an actor. After all, he himself went down a similar path after rising to fame first as part of Idol Producer’s NINE PERCENT and then as a member of NEXT before moving into acting.

For him however, he’d always thought of himself as an artist and not as an idol particularly. Idols may eventually end up going into acting but being an idol and being an actor are two different jobs that require different skillsets. He says he may be an idol right now because singing and entertaining people are a part of his job. As an actor, his job is to act. Referring to himself as an artist versus something so specific such as an actor or a singer seems to resonate well with his vision. Zhu Zhengting says he doesn’t wanna limit himself to doing a specific thing. Because once he boxes himself in and typecasts himself, he says he stops being a vibrant and dynamic person.

Having began his acting career only in 2022, Zhu Zhengting is still considered pretty green as an actor. He has appeared in a handful of dramas such as the hockey themed Floating Youth, the currently airing costume drama Burning Flames, Su Ji and Shining Just for You to name a few. Yet thanks to his idol status, Zhu Zhengting is an old hand in variety shows. Whether it’s singing or dance competitions, survival shows or travel ones, you can be sure he’s pretty much tried them all.

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