“Offering Salted Fish to Master” Live-Action Series Pairs Up Arthur Chen Feiyu and Wang Yinglu

Youku's Newest Drama Pairs Up Chen Feiyu and Wang Yinglu

Cameras have started rolling on Youku’s newest xianxia series, Xian Yu aka Offering Fish (献鱼), which recently held its official booting ceremony, unveiling Arthur Chen Feiyu and Wang Yinglu as the leads. The story is adapted from Offering Salted Fish to Master, a lighthearted novel sprinkled with enough swoon-worthy moments to make even the most jaded heart flutter.

The heart of the story is the dynamic between the protagonists, she’s the lowest rank disciple who’s practically “salted fish,” a slang for someone who just intends to do nothing while he is a demonic master. At the booting ceremony, Chen Feiyu embodied elegance in black flowing robes, while Wang Yinglu rocked a casual chic ensemble: jeans and a jacket. This may be a subtle nod to the novel’s plot, where the female lead enters the xianxia world, hinting at an exciting clash of worlds and personalities.

This series offers another fresh pairing between the two stars who are both 23 years old. Many fell in love with Chen Feiyu as the blonde bad boy in Lighter and Princess but recent controversies, including a scandal surrounding his personal life have cast a shadow. Offering Fish serves as a chance for a fresh start, both for Chen Feiyu and for fans eager to witness his talent shine once again. Meanwhile, our leading lady may not ring a bell to many people. She just debuted a few years ago in Dear Missy and she’s fresh off her first leading role in I Am Nobody. If this drama becomes a success, it will surely be beneficial for the two young stars.

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