Arthur Chen Feiyu Studio Responds After the Actor’s Photos in Bed with a Woman Are Leaked Online

Chen Feiyu
Arthur CHen Feiyu
Photo: 陈飞宇Arthur/ Weibo

Photos of what appears to be a topless man fast asleep were leaked today, February 13, by a paparazzo account who claims the man in question is Lighter and Princess star Arthur Chen Feiyu. The few photos paparazzo Super Photography Yang Yang (@超能摄影阳阳) shared online had close-ups of the man he claims is the 22-year-old actor whilst others appeared to be selfies taken by a woman in bed with him.

Chen Feiyu in Hot Water Over Paparazzo Allegations

Further revelations by the paparazzo say that the woman is an internet celebrity under the handle It’s Yilin Ah (是亦琳吖 lit.). He claims Arthur and the woman were spotted booking a room at a high end hotel in Changsha several times and that they started seeing each other in 2021. Creepy as I find someone taking a picture whilst he’s asleep, the more interesting question is how the paparazzo managed to get his hands on the photos. Some Netizens are of the mindset that it was probably leaked by the woman for fame. Others on the other hand believe it’s not even Arthur Chen on the photo.

Chen Feiyu
Screencap of the post from @超能摄影阳阳 / Weibo

However, the most explosive speculation is that the woman is Arthur’s fan who used to run his fansite previously and that she’s also married. The photos were allegedly sold by her husband! With rumours about an affair with a fan flying around, several hashtags about the actor trended including an old post from 2021 where his studio said he was single.

Both Parties Issue Statements

By 7pm on the same day, Chen Feiyu studio issued a statement from his agency TH Entertainment. They say that the photos spreading online are private and for Netizens to stop disseminating them. They also clarified that Chen Feiyu and a certain Ms. Hu were both single when they dated. The company and the studio also warned relevant parties to delete the defamatory remarks against Chen Feiyu.

Around the same time, Ms. Hu’s agency B.L.B. Entertainment (爆乐比文化) issued a similar statement to say that Chen Feiyu and Ms. Hu were single when they dated, that they parted amicably and that she got married the following year. The statement also asked for the dissemination of photos to stop and that they have reached out to their lawyers with regards to the untrue statements and slander.

Meanwhile, the paparazzo had previously declared that a second wave of exposé will be coming. Given the controversy, some wonder what will happen to Arthur’s upcoming projects like Immortality with Luo Yunxi and the romance film Yesterday Once More with Zhou Ye.

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