Merxat Mi Re Who’s Mainly in Supporting Roles Throughout His Career Leaves His Agency of 10 Years

Merxat Mi Re Who's Played Mainly Supporting Roles in His Career Leaves His Agency of 10 Years

Merxat Yalkun, also known as Mi Re, recently announced the end of his 10-year contract with his agency Huanyu. In his thank you, he wrote, “The road is long, forever grateful, always a family.” He also tagged his boss Yu Zheng who responded to his “dear Re Re” in kind to say that Huanyu will be his home no matter what and that they will always be like family. He also revealed a bit about what Merxat wanted to do when he wrote, “If you want to go for it, do livestreaming, change the racetrack for a new start.”

Merxat first drew attention as part of the cast of 2014’s Cosmetology High. He was also in 2015’s The Legend of Banshu, which saw him and fellow stars like Dilireba and Vengo Gao in small roles. He went on to play the second lead in dramas like The Legend of Yunxi and The Moon Brightens for You. A look at his filmography shows the 32-year-old actor in supporting roles almost throughout his career with only a few male lead roles in web movies as well as Dilireba’s leading man in a 2015 web drama called The Backlight of Love.

The actor-model from Ürümqi, China is of Uyghur descent. Incidentally, he and former co-star Dilireba are also said to have been classmates, having attended Shanghai Theatre Academy. Some think it’s just right that Merxat left as they feel his agency failed to secure good projects for him in spite of his potential. Many were simply supportive of the actor and his future endeavours, whether live streaming or something else.

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