Review: The Backlight of Love

It’s been 5 months since my last posting because I had too many things going on and wasn’t able to religiously follow any drama in particular so most of the ones that I started, I still haven’t finished. As a drama blogger, confessing this feels like I just committed a crime.

I opted to be a complete couch potato this weekend and after powering through numerous trailers on Youtube, I feel like I’m behind the times. I had no idea there were that many dramas available nowadays, Chinese dramas are definitely gaining traction and slowly catching up with the k-wave even though there’s quite a ways to go. Have you ever experienced watching too much that you don’t even remember half the stuff?

I usually throw in many shows into one blog posting but this time, I decided to feature a web series called The Backlight of Love 逆光之恋. Anyone reading might assume that I am going to talk about something amazing that I can’t wait to share but on the contrary, it was just average in my opinion yet fresh enough to elicit a reaction.

Backlight of Love, Chinese Drama, mystery, angel fantasy, Di Li Re Ba

Plot Summary: A drama about angels and ghosts and a murder mystery.

Rating: Just Another Drama (3/5)

I was enticed to watch because there’s an angel in the opening sequence. I won’t say much since it’s a simple enough story with fantasy elements. It seems to be one of those straight to internet type dramas, which probably explains why each episode was so unusually short. Again, nothing spectacular but if you are bored…

I didn’t understand at first why it was so hard to root for the characters especially the main guy. In fact, there was a scene where he even slaps the girl but watch till the end and it will all make sense.
Backlight of Love, Chinese Drama, mystery, angel fantasy, Di Li Re Ba
I like Dilraba Dilmurat who is an up-and-coming actress and increasingly becoming a familiar face in wuxia dramas. Her breakout role would have to be in the Sword of Legends where she played the charming youngest student pining for the affections of William Chan. Honestly, I think she is mostly known for her unique beauty since she looks mixed but I think she has good onscreen charisma.
China is a vast country, I know. But not a lot of people know that it can be diverse in the sense that the Western region has a lot of Uyghurs, an ethnic group mainly in the Xinjiang Province. I was lucky enough to have been to Urumqi in Xinjiang and I was surprised to meet people who spoke perfect Chinese but could easily have hailed from Europe. Is it a surprise that Di Li Re Ba is from Urumqi?

Backlight of Love, Chinese Drama, mystery, angel fantasy, Di Li Re Ba

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