“Kill Me Love Me” Starring Liu Xueyi and Wu Jinyan Hints at a Tragic Romance

Kill Me Love Me

If the title isn’t already a dead giveaway, I don’t know what is. Kill Me Love Me 春花厌 pairs up Liu Xueyi and Wu Jinyan for the first time in a historical drama adapted from a novel by Hei Yan 黑颜. Both aren’t new to the genre with Wu Jinyan first making it big in 2018’s Story of Yanxi Palace. Liu Xueyi has played a number of second lead roles in his career with a recent one being this year’s Destined.

This time around, Liu Xueyi is the male lead Murong Jinghe. He is a prince described to be like a chess master moving pieces behind the scenes. Wu Jinyan plays Mei Lin, a soldier of death whose mission is to kill, yet her heart yearns for freedom. A conspiracy turns the prince from a heroic general into a “killer” that ordered the burning of a city. The heroine who loses her loved ones in the fire becomes an assassin. Her first mission is to kill her enemy – Murong Jinghe. However, he turns out to be the very person who issued the kill order.

Kill Me Love Me couple

The story is already hinting at a tragic turn and the male lead in the novel is described as so vicious in the way he treats the heroine that it’s bound to give Goodbye My Princess’s equally “hated” hero some tough competition. It’ll be interesting to see how the drama intends to bring the novel characters to life though it’s certainly not something Liu Xueyi hasn’t done before if you remember his role in Love and Redemption.

The booting ceremony was held on December 28. It also stars Bi Wenjun from C-pop group NEXT, Taiwanese actor Baron Chen and Huang Ruying. Former THE9 member Zhao Xiaotang who couldn’t attend is also part of the cast.

Cast Booting Ceremony Dec 28

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