Zhou Ye Stars in “Legend of the Female General” Opposite Cheng Lei Who Levels Up to Leading Man

Zhou Ye Stars in "Legend of the Female General" Opposite Cheng Lei Who Levels up to Leading Man

On November 28, Legend of the Female General 锦月如歌 announced its cast led by Zhou Ye and Cheng Lei. It is based on the rebirth novel (女将军) by Qian Shan Cha Ke (千山茶客), a popular theme among recent dramas though the “rebirth” aspect is often tweaked in some way for C-dramas to pass censorship . Just like its title, the story will feature Zhou Ye as the female general while her co-star Cheng Lei also plays a powerful general.

Zhou Ye is fresh off the success of Scent of Time where she played the resilient heroine viewers were rooting for. For 29-year-old actor Cheng Lei, this marks a pivotal moment in his career that had him starting out leading a number of small web dramas before jumping to bigger dramas. He already had buzz in the short drama A Familiar Stranger, where he incidentallly also played a general, but he really got his big break this year as the second male lead in My Journey to You. It looks like it’s paid off too as he’s levelled up to leading man.

The main cast also includes Zhang Kangle who played a righteous imperial guard in Faithful and Zhang Miaoyi from When I Fly Towards You. Li Mingde who played a supporting role in The Longest Promise reunites with Jiang Jiajun who will be directing Legend of the Female General. Last but not the least, Bai Shu who was also in Faithful rounds up the cast who attended the booting ceremony. Meanwhile, there are already complaints about the hair, makeup and styling being too “average” according to some Netizens while others theres feel it’s simply too early to judge and that a show’s success will need to depend on good writing and not just the visuals.

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