“Flourished Peony” Reunites Yang Zi and Li Xian in a Female-Centric Historical

"Flourished Peony" Reunites Yang Zi and Li Xian in a Female-Centric Historical

Yang Zi’s newest historical drama Flourished Peony 国色芳华 has teased a number of possible leading men, but as expected, it’s turned out to be a reunion with Li Xian four years after Go Go Squid! The two former co-stars have actually remained friends appearing onstage together, having a cameo and religiously greeting each other on birthdays. Their chemistry was through the roof in a modern romance setting that I’d be down to see a reunion in ancient times.

Set in the Tang Dynasty, Flourished Peony is a historical that centers around Yang Zi’s character He Weifang, a merchants daughter who bravely walks out of a failed marriage and starts on the road of entrepreneurship growing peonies. Together with male lead Jiang Changyang, they undergo many trials to tell a legendary tale. It’s a Hunan TV and Mango TV drama produced by Huace Media.

Only the leads have been announced so far with Yang Zi who just had a hit in Lost You Forever top billing another costume drama. However, there’s been some discussion over how Li Xian has second billing again. Some of his fans are against the role that’s clearly female-focused and would prefer he star in a male-centric project. Nonetheless, there are many who would definitely be happy to see them together again.

Flourished Poeny announces Yang Zi and Li Xian

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