Go Go Squid 2 Leaked Photo Reveals Yang Zi and Li Xian in a Cameo

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It was not long ago when fans of Go Go Squid celebrated the fact that Go Go Squid 2 is in the works. Another party in dramaland has just began when a leaked photo of Yang Zi and Li Xian in wedding outfits surfaced on the web. This is confirming some fans’ speculations that the leads of the 2019 hit drama will appear for a cameo. In fact, eagle-eyed fans had previously figured out that Li Xian must be wearing a wig to reprise his role as Han Shangyan for the sequel as he was already sporting a different haircut fit for his Republican era drama, A Love Never Lost, at the time.

Go Go Squid Sequel features Yang Zi and Li Xian in a cameo

In the much-talked about photo, the leads of DT Appledog’s TimeHu Yitian and Li Yitong, were in cute poses as part of the entourage of Go Go Squid’s main couple. For those who have not seen the first drama yet, you might already want to give it a try based on this news. It’s also a great reassurance that it’s a happy ending!

Go Go Squid 2 may not have the original leads as the main characters anymore, but it has still been getting a lot of buzz because of the novel’s cult following. Many fans are also anticipating to see Hu Yitian and Li Yitong’s chemistry especially that their characters as DT and Appledog in the novel are just full of fluff.

The premiere of this drama might take a long time with how C-dramas are, but we can already bet that it has the potential to be a hit just like its predecessor.

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