Hu Yitian Reprises Role as DT in Go Go Squid’s Spin-Off Drama Opposite Li Yitong as Appledog

Hu Yitian and Li Yitong Set to Star in Go Go Squid
Can you believe that it’s been practically a year since Go Go Squid! first hit the small screens? Whether you are old or new to Chinese dramaland, this is one show you must have seen at least once in a list of recommendations to watch. Due to its immense success, it was only natural for it to have a sequel or at least a spin-off that all of its fans have been anticipating. 

No need to look further now that Hu Yitian will reprise his role as Wu Bai or DT in the said spin-off. Although there have been no official announcements yet, the actor was spotted filming with his female lead, Li Yitong (Sword Dynasty) who will play as Appledog or Ai Qing which was originally played by Wang Zhener. Similar to Mirror: Twin Cities, it is among the few dramas produced by Huace Croton that have kept things hush hush despite already being in the thick of filming.  
Hu Yitian and Li Yitong Set to Star in Go Go Squid
The spin-off will be based on Fish in the Secret Chamber 密室困游鱼 written by Mo Bao Fei Bao 墨宝非宝the author of Go Go Squid! Just a refresher on the characters’ story line, Hu Yi Tian’s Wu Bai developed a long-time crush on his fellow gamer but of his team’s competitor, Appledog. Their romance was not the focus with the two having only supporting roles, so this is why fans have been excited to see a more detailed love story between the two in this upcoming spin-off.
Even if I have actually never joined the Go Go Squid! bandwagon, I’m not closing my doors on this one because both leads do make a beautiful couple! E-sports isn’t something that I enjoy as well and maybe this is another chance for me to give it a shot. 
Fish in the Secret Chamber will have this lovely pair of online gamers battle each other as their teams’ respective leaders. Will their romance transcend the intense competition in the gaming world? Currently, we have nothing but an empty Weibo page from the drama and the unofficial English title Dt: AppleDog’s Time 亲爱的挚爱的. With Go Go Squid! celebrating its 1 year anniversary, let’s hope we can finally see some updates on this
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