Danson Tang Surprising Son Reveal Puts Fahrenheit on the Spot for the Band’s “Secrets”

Danson Tang and Calvin chen
Danson Tang and Calvin Chen
Left: Danson Tang / Weibo and Right: Calvin Chen /Facebook

Just a few weeks after surprising his girlfriend with a proposal during the finale of survival reality show Call Me By Fire S3, Danson Tang was once again in the news when he recently opened up that he became a dad eleven years ago. In a sit down interview, the 39-year-old actor candidly spoke about how he and his then girlfriend both decided to have the baby despite being unmarried. Though they’re now broken up, Danson reveals they’re co-parenting to raise their son. Well, his confirmation has unexpectedly shifted attention to Fahrenheit since Danson’s practically an “honorary” member having co-starred with them in the 2005 drama KO One. Calvin Chen whose hashtag “Calvin Chen, you’ve been so patient for a long time!” even trended on the Weibo hot search.

He Doesn’t Have to Hide It Anymore

Netizens lauded Calvin for his “endurance” – after all, the former idol kept mum on his bandmate’s secrets for so long. With the cats out of the bag, he finally need not hide it anymore. 

Looking back at the various clips Netizens managed to dig up, it seems Calvin has been accidentally(?) letting slip truth bombs even when the band was still together. In one of the clips, Calvin slipped up when he told Wu Chun “don’t you have two children, you could use the (diaper) practise” in the middle of a variety show. There’s also that time when he blurted out Wu Chun’s two kids should call him “godfather”. Whups.

Whereas we now all know Wu Chun was secretly married to his wife Lin Liyin even before they debuted as Fahrenheit in 2005 and that they share two kids aged 13 and 10, Wu Chun only revealed this in 2013 when the group was no longer active.  

Calvin With Wu Chun and Jiro Wang a few years ag0
Calvin With Wu Chun and Jiro Wang a few years ago

Even Aaron Yan’s sexuality got a mention early on when Calvin seemingly implied he was gay when he said Aaron was waiting for the time when all the Fahrenheit members could kiss each other. Granted, there have always been rumours about it. But he was in the news for it lately over his scandal, where he was accused of filming and leaking videos of himself having sex with a male minor, erupted.

Looking at it now, it’s clear Calvin definitely knew what he was talking about even if folks didn’t believe him at the time. Technically, Calvin is no exemption having kept his own relationship under wraps until his marriage announcement to Joanne Tseng in 2020.

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