Danson Tang Engaged After an Onstage Proposal in “Call Me By Fire” Finale

Danson Tang
Danson Tang and Su Xiaoxuan
Danson Tang and his fiancée Su Xiaoxuan

Congratulations to Danson Tang and his Taiwanese-American fiancée, model-actress Becky Su Xiaoxuan! The couple unexpectedly got engaged yesterday after Danson suddenly proposed whilst filming the final episode of the reality comeback survival show! Whilst he may not have gotten to debut as part of Call Me by Fire S3’s winning group, Danson is still a winner because he got his girl!

An Impromptu Proposal?

Later the star took to social media to spill the tea and thanked his “brothers” for helping him pull off his spur of the moment proposal during the finale. In fact, it was very last minute that he reportedly even had to borrow Jimmy Lin’s ring. Nonetheless, it’s so heartwarming to see how everyone came together to help him pull it off.

In his post on November 6th, Danson said things happen at the right time. And whilst proposing to his girlfriend has always been part of his plan, he never thought it’d happen on such an important day and occasion like the finale. He added that he was “very grateful to have the right person and such an important group of brothers in my life on my 39th year.” The couple were previously papped in 2019 before they went public with their relationship the next year.

Danson Tang
Danson Tang performing with his teammates or his “brothers” as he calls them

Don’t Misunderstand, I’m Very Happy

Yet it appeared not all fans were satisfied with how he went about proposing to his 26-year-old girlfriend, describing it as being rushed and hasty. When speculation broke out that he was “coaxed” into proposing, Danson released another post to clarify. “I saw a lot of comments online but I didn’t expect it to cause controversy. I’d like to explain to everyone here” he began.  Danson said he’d previously mentioned wanting to propose whilst chatting with his teammates. He also sounded out some of his ideas proposing. But then there simply wasn’t the “right time” to do it. He said he didn’t expect his teammates to remember what he said. “They paved the way for a great opportunity for me on the finals stage and helped me pull this off. I’m so thankful to them!”

Danson added that he’d always planned to pop the question on stage and that he didn’t propose because the situation forced him to do so. It was just that at first he was so focused on his performance that he blanked out and was at a loss when the time came.  That’s why he reacted the way he did but he totally didn’t expect it to cause problems for his teammates. “And please everyone, don’t misunderstand. I am very happy. I’m really thankful to my brothers. I cherish and love them very much .. especially for enabling me to do this on such an unforgettable occasion.”

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