“Call Me By Fire S3” Drops New MV with the Full Cast

"Call Me By Fire S3" Drops New MV with the Full Cast
Screencap of Tiger Hu, Jimmy Lin and Jeff Satur / Call Me By Fire S3 MV

Call Me By Fire Season 3 披荆斩棘第三季 has just announced its premiere on Friday, August 25. There’s also a preview episode released on August 18. The all-male survival show brings together 32 contestants who gathered to shoot the MV in one take.

The show once again has a wide mix of personalities with actors like Jimmy Lin (48), David Wang Yaoqing (49) and Kevin Cheng (54), singer Tiger Hu, 27-year-old Victor Ma Boqian who gained fame this summer as the second lead in the youth romance series Hidden Love and even KinnPorsche star Jeff Satur who hails from Thailand. Full list below.

Jimmy Lin, Cai Guoqing, Lu Yi, David Wang Yaoqing, Korean-American singer Nicky Lee (Li Jiuzhe), Kevin Cheng, Malaysian stars Nicholas Teo, Victor Wong Pin Kuan, 0713 boys Chen Chusheng, Zhang Yuan and Wang Yuexin, Yu Haoming, Tiger Hu Yanbin, Kenny Kwan, Xu Liang, Street Dance of China’s Ma Xiaolong, Jawn Ha from Kinjaz, Taiwanese rock singer Shin, Blue Lan, Hu Bing, Bo Yuan, Jeff Satur, Wei Xun, Victor Ma Boqian, Su Xiaoding, Ambrose Hui, Up Lee (Li Xian Pu) from Taiwanese band 831 which is known for the hit theme song Miss You 3000 to Someday or One Day, actors Miles Wei Zheming, Danson Tang, rappers E.so, Danko and Gem.

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