“Hidden Love” Spin Off “First Frost” Ignites Speculation About Who Gets to Play Sang Yan and Wen Yifan

"Hidden Love" Spin Off "First Frost" Ignites Speculation About Who Gets to Play Sang Yan and Wen Yifan
(L) Hidden Love and (R) Hidden Love Spin off “Nan Hong”

If you loved the super adorable banter between Zhao Lusi’s character Sang Zhi and her older brother Sang Yan portrayed by Victor Ma Boqian in this summer’s youth drama Hidden Love, you’d be pleased to know that Sang Yan has his very own story. The drama adaptation based on the novel First Frost aka Nan Hong 难哄 from author Zhu Yi dropped a poster earlier this year. It is known as the “sister” drama of Hidden Love since it’s another one from Youku and Wajijiwa Entertainment. But with very little deets about the spin off at the moment, there’ve been nonstop rumours about the cast.

For Sang Yan, some of the names being bandied about as popular contenders include Zhang Linghe, Zhai Xiaowen and Deng Wei. Of course, many who fell in love with the “original” Sang Yan are lobbying to have Ma Boqian come back to reprise his role. Meanwhile, Zhang Yuxi and Wang Churan have both been mentioned quite frequently to play Sang Yan’s love interest Wen Yifan. Wang Churan was even recently papped eating with the drama’s producer though given the recent negativity directed towards the actress, many are against it. Needless say, online discussions are very heated to the point that some Netizens are saying to forget about the drama if their faves don’t get cast.

Will Victor Ma Baoxian reprise his role in HIdden Love Spin off ?
Victor Ma Boqian played Sang Yan in Hidden Love. Many are hoping he will return to reprise his role in the spin off

“Please Don’t Over Speculate”

On August 2, production released a statement to update everyone. They also asked people to avoid over speculating and to just wait for the official announcement once everything is in place. “Since the confirmation of the Nan Hong project, we are grateful for the attention and buzz we have been receiving from everyone. For now, we are still in the middle of polishing the script. With regards to the many rumours going around online, we hope that everyone will not over speculate and just wait for official confirmation.”

Production also promised that as soon as they have any concrete information to release, an announcement will be made promptly to update everyone.

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