Wang Churan Subjected to Endless Negative Rumours, Her Studio Clamps Down with a Response

Wang Churan Subjected to Endless Negative Rumours, Her Studio Clamps Down with a Response
Wang Churan apologises and says she accepts everyone’s criticism and suggestions after the final episode of Fireworks of My Heart signed off for VIP subscribers last week.

As far as careers go, Wang Churan has been having a great first half of the year with three of her dramas all out in the market. Love Heals, her second chance romance drama with Peng Guanying earlier in the year gained attention despite having no high traffic stars. She also received positive attention in the Xiao Zhan and Ren Min helmed The Longest Promise. Some have likened her to actress Liu Yifei in looks.

The actress’ most recent drama Fireworks of My Heart also hit number one. Unfortunately, the drama encountered a giant roadblock when negative comments and criticism started pouring in. Even the popularity of established actor Yang Yang was also affected. Just search for the many fan-made videos ridiculing practically everything about the show and its various epic fails, and the number of Le Zi Ren 乐子人, those who gets their kicks watching such content, tuning in to watch. Whatever the case, it seems the actress whose role also drew flak has been getting a beating online. Could this be the classic case of the higher you fly the more people wanting to see you fail?

Negative Rumours

There’s been a lot of rumours about her in the past days and they’re all not pretty. Online chatter has folks claiming that “she looks down on ‘regular’ people” that a Netizen claims “the actress called her a witch for wearing black from head to toe” and that “she’s putting on airs”. There’s also speculation that a crew she’d worked with complained about Wang Churan’s lack of professionalism.

Even her new modern drama Love Has Fireworks 爱情有烟火 with Tan Jianci saw no shortage of speculation. According to the grapevine, Wang Churan supposedly stole the lead role of Qian Fei from Mao Xiaotong who has since made sure to shut down the whispers by confirming it’s fake. Likewise, the rumours are turning out to be about anything and everything. Even Wang Churan photographed supposedly rolling her eyes at co-star Tan Jianci on set was talked about. Whether true or not, there have already been talks by antis to boycott the actress’ endorsements, existing dramas like her role in the anticipated Joy of Life 2, and upcoming ones which have yet to be filmed. While there are many negative comments, there are also those speaking up for her. Some say the negativity’s getting too extreme considering the actress hasn’t even done anything illegal.

Her Studio Finally Issues a Response

On the eve of July 31, her studio finally issued a statement. They wrote, “On behalf of Wang Churan, the studio would like to thank the netizens for their supervision. Churan also knows that she still has many shortcomings, and still needs to constantly improve and elevate herself in all aspects. In order not to let some false content spread excessively, hereby explaining some matters that have been the focus of public opinion recently.” Her studio enumerated:

1. Regarding the incident of “calling a regular person a witch”

On July 22, 2023, the team came to the location designated by the brand to complete shooting. On-site staff found that a customer was taking pictures with a mobile phone, so they communicated and asked her to wait at a designated location where she could not directly see the filming location. At the end of filming, because the working atmosphere was very relaxed that day, Wang Churan and the team were joking with each other. The artist did not know that there was still a customer at the scene, and the topic was not about this lady. Many members of the crews and shop assistants witnessed the entire thing at that time. The so-called Wang Churan calling a “non-celebrity a witch” is purely false news. We are deeply sorry for the misunderstanding and distress caused by the miscommunication of the management team to this lady, the venue, and the brand.

2. Regarding the incident of “putting on airs” during COVID testing

It was reported on the Internet that “Wang Churan was putting on airs when she went for COVID testing” on October 7, 2022, but she was filming on set at the time so the person in that incident is not Wang Churan.

3. Regarding rumours that “Wang Churan stole someone else’s name and made it her own” are also untrue.

This is in response to rumours that she changed her name from Song Yameng 宋亚梦 to Wang Churan 王楚然 not because she took her mom’s surname after her parents divorced but because Wang Churan’s a name of her classmate that she ended up using for herself.

4. Rumours that “Wang Churan took the role in “Love Has Fireworks”” is also completely inconsistent with the facts.

In addition, there have been a lot of discussions recently that “Wang Churan has been confirmed for the role of xxx in xxx drama” or “Wang Churan has robbed the role of xxx”, which are all false statements.

Her studio ended their statement saying that for a new actress like Wang Churan, every viewers’ attention is a gift. The studio also represents Churan and thanks everyone for their understanding. She will actively examine herself, and strive to create more and better works for everyone. They also hope that everyone can be rational, refrain from spreading or believing rumours, and jointly maintain a friendly environment online. They also reserve the right to take legal action against malicious rumours.

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