“Meet Yourself” Which Has Liu Yifei and Li Xian Returning to a Simple Life Is the Actress’s First Modern Drama

"Meet Yourself" Which Has Liu Yifei and Li Xian Returning to a Simple Life Is the Actress's First Modern Drama
City dwellers enjoy bucolic life in Meet Yourself

Burnout can happen to the best of us and for city dwellers like Xu Hong Dou and Xie Zhi Yao, the “windy courtyard” in Yun Miao village is a safe haven. After the success of her historical drama, A Dream of Splendor, Crystal Liu Yifei switches gears to partner for the first time with Li Xian who is four years her junior in the modern romance Meet Yourself 去有风的地方 which boasts a countryside healing theme. The series is headed for primetime television on Hunan TV and online on Mango TV starting January 3, 2023.

Liu Yifei and Li Xian in Meet Yourself
Screencap from Meet Yourself trailer

Meet Yourself is quite possibly Liu Yifei’s first modern drama as most of her dramas (if not all) have been set in other time periods. It’s also great to see her in dramas again lately what with 2022’s A Dream of Splendor and now this. She’s been doing mainly movies for some time and her last drama was technically 2006’s (eek!) Return of the Condor Heroes.

Meet Yourself Synopsis

Countryside healing seems to be a theme popping up more frequently in c-dramas. In Meet Yourself, something special awaits those who find their way into the windy courtyard to recharge and heal. After Xu Hong Dou’s life fell apart following the death of her best friend, she heads off to a small village. Whilst there, she meets its residents who like her have sought refuge from the pressures of the big city. One of them is Xie Zhi Yao, a local returned to his hometown after quitting his high flying career. Xie Zhi Yao recognised Xu Hong Dou’s kindness and sincerity, inviting her to use her experience in the hotel industry to help the locals improve and develop cultural tourism in their village.

Likewise, they were also moved by the villager’s tenacity and resilience. They serve as an inspiration in their own journeys of healing and self discovery.

Meet Yourself Supporting Cast

Meet Yourself also stars Hu Bingqing, Niu Junfeng, 85-year-old actress Wu Yanshu and more. Actors like Tu Songyan, Gong Beibi and Huawei heiress Annabel Yao who will make her acting debut take special starring roles. Janice Wu Qian who plays the heroine’s best friend and Joseph Zeng Shunxi make special appearances.

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