Huawei Heiress Annabel Yao Criticised for her Uncoordinated Dancing Skills

Annabel Yao

Annabel Yao’s attempt to channel her inner BLACKPINK as clips of her dancing to the tune of the Kpop group’s record breaking How You Like That recently surfaced. Unfortunately for Annabel, her moves seemed to have failed to impress the many Netizens who pointed out her movements looked quite uncoordinated.

Annabel Yao Dancing to BLACKPINK
Annabel Yao having a dance party to BLACKPINK’S How You Like That


When Annabel’s debut MV Back Fire dropped two months earlier, the video opened with Annabel singing and dancing to a fiery red and black background in keeping with the song title. However, as all debuts go, things might not have gone as smoothly as she’d probably hoped it would go with many viewers criticizing the MV from the song to her dancing.

Honestly, for a debut MV it wasn’t so bad. But maybe people had more expectations from her you know? It certainly doesn’t help that people knew the Huawei heiress is an accomplished ballerina who made it through the Royal Academy of Dance’s top-level exam at the age of 15. Nonetheless, it’s Annabel’s dancing skills (or the lack thereof according to Netizens) that had people’s attention.

But hey, at the end of the day, any publicity is good publicity right?

In any case, the aspiring singer later addressed the naysayers saying “I filmed this before having started professional training. I accept everyone’s critiques and suggestions. I am currently hard at work practicing and preparing new pieces for everyone. I hope to be able to show you all my progress. Lastly, I wish for better things to come for all of you, and for everything to go smoothly.”

Glad to see Annabel didn’t let the critiques faze her. If anything I hope this pushes her more to train harder and get those moves down pat. We all know how artists need to have thick skins and the perseverance to succeed in this business.

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