“Street Dance of China S4” Winner Is…

"Street Dance of China S4" Winner Is...

The champions of Street Dance of China 这! 就是街舞 seasons 1 to 3 were Han Yu, David Ye Yin and Keven Yang Kai respectively. Season 4 had all three back in the competition along with a number of world renown dance legends.

Street Dance of China S4 第四季 recently aired its finale to reveal David Ye Yin becoming the champion for the second time. It also marks the second straight win for Wang Yibo as a captain. I have to admit that I got into the show late with this season being the only one I actually watched from beginning to end, yet I easily fell in love with the contestants, the captains and the whole idea of bringing everyone together through dance.

Episode 12 was finally out on Youtube last night and it’s almost 8 hours long! No wonder everyone seemed exhausted. With any competition, there’s bound to be some regrets. My fave Rochka didn’t make the final 8. Perhaps the show’s biggest contention is how all the international greats got eliminated.

Even last year, some wondered whether a foreigner could ever win Street Dance of China. French hip hop battler Boubou is easily one of the strongest contenders. He lost to Yang Kai last year in the final battle for the championship of SDC3, so many hoped for a comeback. Boubou was revealed to have a neck injury as he made it into the final 4 this time, yet lost to Yang Kai again. The final battle was between Chinese dancers Yang Kai and Ye Yin who eventually emerged as the winner. I like Ye Yin too but can’t help but feel that the way the finale played out also took me by surprise (but not really).

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