Patrick Shih in Controversy for Kissing Zhang Yifan During a Scene on Variety Show “Hit It Off”

Patrick Shih in Controversy Over Kissing Zhang Yifan During a Scene on Variety Show "Hit It Off"
Photo(s): Patrick Shih and Zhang Yifan / Weibo

The online dispute on whether Someday or One Day star Patrick Shih 施柏宇 was out of line when he kissed Zhang Yifan 张艺凡 during a scene from the acting show Hit It Off 一拍即合的我们 has not stopped. Supporters of the 23-year-old idol-actress have continued to leave comments on his social media posts including his birthday post as he recently turned 27. They demand an apology, some even write, “no to workplace harassment.” Meanwhile, the actor’s fans are defending him saying his side has made a statement already.

What Happened?

It all stemmed from the July 27th episode of Hit It Off where the two reenacted a scene from the 2016 campus drama With You 最好的我们. The Taiwanese actor leans in for a kiss when Zhang Yifan’s not looking. His next line is, “sorry, do you mind” and she gives a little smile while shaking her head no (she doesn’t mind). The scene continues and after they’ve said their lines, there’s a pause before he leans in for another kiss. This time, she moves her head back just before the director yells cut. The director then says, “Is it because you saw I didn’t yell cut that’s why you tried again?” Patrick responds, “Yes” while the director says, “actually it’s enough.”

Screencap from Hit it Off Ep 3 (second part)

The two can be seen laughing in shock behind the scenes. He says, “you didn’t expect it.. I didn’t know how to act anymore.” She says, “You suddenly, you suddenly, I didn’t expect it.” When asked about their collaboration, Patrick who also improvised a line in the scene shared that the director gave them a lot of space to be creative. The kiss has ignited accusations that he added it on his own, and that it’s disrespectful to his co-star. The show issued a statement two days later to say that during filming, all the staff and actors maintained a professional attitude, and completed all the shooting under the premise of respecting the script.

His Agency Reveals the Script

Given that the issue has not died down, Patrick’s agency Giant Goal Entertainment 巨果娛樂 has released a statement to say that the things being said online are false and that they completed filming in accordance with the script. They also revealed how it’s written in the script that the male lead will peck the girl lightly on the lips while she acts startled.” Meanwhile, Zhang Yifan’s agency TF Entertainment 时代峰峻 posted the same behind-the-scenes clip shown on air.

While supporters of Patrick Shih feel it’s unfair to keep blasting him when the script’s already been revealed, there are also those questioning that it might not be the final script since some parts don’t match with what aired. Some say that even if the script explains one kiss, why was there a second kiss?

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