Hit Taiwanese Drama Someday Or One Day Airs Its Final Episode Tonight

With the surge in popularity of Korean and Chinese dramas for the past years, it seems like Taiwanese dramas are getting back on top of the game with its latest popular drama, Someday Or One Day 想見你. Just in case you missed it, the story is about a 27 year-old woman named Huang Yu Xuan played by Alice Ke (Marry Me, Or Not?) who has been grieving the loss of her boyfriend named Wang Quan Sheng played by Greg Hsu (A Sun).


You might be wondering why I still had to put their characters’ names, but this is where the story will revolve around as our main leads will actually play as other characters. In another dimension, Alice Ke also plays as Chen Yun Ru, a 17 year-old shy high school girl who has a crush on Li Zi Wei, another character played by Greg Hsu. The conflict begins when the 27 year-old Huang Yu Xuan seemed to have met a car accident and started to live as the 17 year-old Chen Yun Ru. This even becomes more complicated when Li Zi Wei’s best friend played by Patrick Shih (Meeting Mr. Right 1) has been crushing on Chen Yun Ru.
I started watching this just a few weeks ago to see what all the hype was about. When watching dramas, I usually have a lot to say but it’s surprising that I actually don’t have much to say about this at the moment except that I’m confused with its mind-boggling yet highly-addictive developments. I’m pretty sure you got confused by my retelling of the plot and trust me, this drama will test your patience and analytical skills. A great advice to receive when watching is, don’t blink! My usual lazy self would even rewind some scenes just to fully understand what’s going on. 
As it ends later tonight at 10 PM, I can only wish that the ending won’t disappoint. Being an avid Taiwanese drama-watcher for a long time now, I rarely set my expectations high especially that writing good quality endings may not be their strongest suit. Even so, I still have a glimmer of hope for a good ending considering the high ratings the show has been getting.
P.S. The team came back to film an additional scene this week as a bonus gift to everyone watching the drama until the end! It can be remembered that earlier this week, the team was in low spirits after the finale was leaked online. The cast even got together to urge the public to watch the show only through legal channels and the added scene is their way to thank everyone for their support.
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