Wu Chun Responds to Backlash After Revealing that He was Married Before His Debut in Fahrenheit

Wu Chun and his non-showbiz wife Lin Liyin who’s often shied from making public appearances in the past are among the couples joining Mango TV’s new reality show Before Wedding 婚前21天. The actor even shared a photo of the couple from 24 years ago as he looked back at how much they’ve done together and admitted that his one little regret was the lack of a wedding ceremony. With their new show, he wrote, “This dream, she finally agreed to last year… Now is the opportunity to make a record and share it with everyone..”

Along with their participation came the revelation that the two were married on December 2, 2004, a year before Wu Chun debuted with Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan to form the Taiwanese boy group Fahrenheit in 2005. 
Although hounded by rumors that Wu Chun was secretly married which he eventually admitted to in 2013, the confirmation that he was married even before his debut drew mixed reactions and raised questions as to whether an idol was cheating the public by not coming clean and pretending he was single. Wu Chun was subsequently embroiled in rumors that the reason he and his wife share birthdays with each of their kids was because he forced his wife to have a an early C-section to match the dates, which resulted in massive blood loss. Wu Chun’s studio quickly issued a statement against the absurd rumors and asserted their right to take legal action. 
With the recent attention on his personal life, Wu Chun took to social media to share his sentiments on Mar 8 which also happened to be International Women’s Day. He wrote, Saw many comments in the past two days… I am very touched by the messages from many friends and I have some words in my heart that I want to tell you… 
First of all, I am grateful for everyone’s blessings and concern.☺️ I am also thankful that I have a mother who gives me strength from the heavens and a happy family that allows me to face all challenges… 
I believe that the most important and best decision I have made in my life was to marry Liyin and have kids with her and to be with her as we accompany Neinei and Max growing up. They are the most wonderful gifts that heaven has given me, and I will work 200% to make them happy and healthy. ☺
Of course, my best gift and positive energy also comes from you who have witnessed my growth… Many friends have told me that they have loved my movies and music since they were young and now that they’re married with kids, they watch my shows… to be able to accompany you in your growth is something I’m very proud of…
Therefore, after a long discussion and preparation with Liyin, we’ve  decided to share our understanding of marriage and experiences as parents to everyone in hopes of returning some positivity and entertainment to everyone. ? Hope that everyone can give Liyin some support and encouragement for her to continue to be brave. ?
Lastly, I would like to apologize to everyone for my personal life to take up public resources during this extreme time of the epidemic. I’ve released a statement through my agency regarding the false information going around online in the past two days about my family and me. In fact, actions will speak louder than words so everyone can watch for the next 10 years, 20 years… I will work hard to give more love and a better me to my family and to you. ??
Life is short, be grateful, be kind, be happy❤️
Forgive & Forget…Love & Peace?
I wish happiness and good health to the great women especially those angels in white-coats. ?❤️?
Girls rule the nation.”
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