Calvin Chen and Joanne Tseng Make a Surprise Announcement, ‘We’re Married!’

On January 23, Calvin Chen and Joanne Tseng took to their various social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Weibo to announce that they have gotten married. The news took many by surprise as it was the first time that the couple have confirmed the dating rumors that have surrounded them for years.

Joanne wrote, “We’re married! We’ve known each other for a very long time, Mr. Chen saw me as I changed from a young girl to a woman, accompanied me and was patient with me. From today onwards, I am Ms. Tseng and also Mrs. Chen. There are many people who love us, thank you for your concerns and your blessings, we will live our lives well together, support each other and grow together. Turning the page in our lives to begin a new chapter, please take care of us.”
Calvin who turns 40 this year wrote, “Life enters the next chapter, it’s not considered early, but everyone has their own pace, right? We’re married, 2020 is a new year and the responsibility weighs a little heavier. Thank you to the family and friends that have always accompanied us, this road is filled with laughter and tears. Thank you for your concern, thank you for your blessings, in the new year, wishing everyone to be better and better, happy new year, most importantly, stay healthy!” 
Through her agency HIM International Music, Joanne reveals that she and Calvin have been together for around ten years. They took a break for a year but eventually got back together. On the day that he proposed, Calvin Chen gathered Joanne’s loved ones to surprise her in her home. In regards to the wedding ceremony and whether they have plans to have a baby, Joanne says that they are focusing on work first.
To someone like me who still remember the days when Calvin Chen was in Fahrenheit and Joanne Tseng first debuted with Esther Liu as part of the Mandopop duo called Sweety, this is a surprise indeed but a pleasant news to hear. No wonder, Calvin recently talked about following in fellow Fahrenheit member Wu Chun’s footsteps. He must have meant it. 
Congrats to the newlyweds!
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