Wang Churan New Historical Drama with Zhang Wanyi Kicks Off, It’s Based on the Novel “Hidden Charm”

Wang Churan New Historical Drama with Zhang Wanyi Kicks Off, It's Based on the Novel "Hidden Charm"

Wang Churan and Zhang Wanyi were recently spotted at the script reading for new historical romance drama Liu Zhou Ji (柳舟记 previously 海棠笑春风), adapted from the novel Jiao Cang 娇藏 aka Hidden Charm by author Kuang Shang Jia Kuang 狂上加狂. It follows a heroine with amnesia who wakes up next to a loving husband but the truth about their identities will eventually come out. The drama has quietly kicked off with leaked photos of the cast. It’s reportedly a S+ drama produced by Tencent Pictures and Jaywalk Studio as it previously had Yang Mi attached as the female lead before she left her agency.

While the official cast has yet to be announced, there has been so much talk about the first collaboration between the two leads. Both are coming off highly-talked about dramas this summer, such as the widely-panned Fireworks of My Heart which has garnered so much hate for the 24-year-old actress that some even want to boycott her future projects. Meanwhile, 29-year-old Zhang Wanyi who previously starred in the revolution-themed The Awakening Age and the Daylight Entertainment produced The Bond is gaining fame recently due to his role in Lost You Forever.

However, Wang Churan antis have been leaving comments saying they feel bad for the boys of Lost You Forever being paired with her. Last month, she wrapped filming for the modern romance drama Love Has Fireworks 爱情有烟火 opposite co-star Tan Jianci, who happens to play Xiang Liu in Lost You Forever. Zhang Wanyi also has another upcoming historical romance drama in The Rise of Ning 锦绣安宁, this time opposite Ren Min from The Longest Promise, which incidentally also starred Wang Churan as the second lead.

Lost Has Fireworks and The Rise of Ning

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