The Bond Reveals the Actors Portraying the Five Qiao Siblings

The Bond

A new family is coming to town as The Bond 乔家的儿女 officially reveals the cast of actors in its lineup today. Adapted from the novel Qiao Jia De Er Nv by author Wei Xi who incidentally also wrote the script for the drama, The Bond highlights the strong relationship five siblings have with each other after their mother’s passing left them alone with their rude and selfish father. Life may have taken each of them in different directions, but the bond forged by the hardships endured by all five siblings continue to remain steadfast.

Brought to you by The Story of Minglan director Zhang Kaizhou, fans of Minglan might recognise two of its alums, Liu Jun and Liu Lin who play a couple there as the Qiao sibling’s parents. Then there’s the siblings themselves. The drama’s title literally translates to “the children of the Qiao family” so it’s safe to say that they’re really the stars of the show. Actor Bai Yu has come a long way from his Love O2O roots, reaching leading man status of a Daylight Entertainment drama as the eldest Qiao brother. Meanwhile, Lareina Song Zuer and Mao Xiaotong play the two roses amongst the thorns, whilst Zhang Wanyi and the youngest Zhou Yiran round up the rest of the family. Li Jiahang and Zhu Zhu are also slated to make special appearances in the drama.

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