Chinese Survival Shows to Make a Comeback by Going Global with “Asia Super Young” and “Chuang Asia: Thailand Edition”

Chinese Survival Shows to Make a Comeback by Going Global
From left to right: One Zhong, Ollie, Ashley Zhang Bottom: Chen Xinhao, Guo Dianjia, Liang Shiyu

After almost two years of banning survival shows in China, it looks like a comeback is in order with upcoming shows like Asia Super Young 2023 亞洲超星團 and Chuang Asia. If the names didn’t already give it away, both are set to feature trainees from all over Asia.

Asia Super Young Reveals Their Trainees

Asia Super Young is jointly created by TVB and Hong Kong Star TV. It is expected to be televised on TVB and streamed exclusively on Youku International. Aiming to create a global trend, a “Chinese idol, Asian superstar” brimming with youth, it will feature trainees from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and more who will compete for a spot in a new boy group. Out of the 65 trainees that have been announced, there are familiar faces like Youth With You S3 contestant One ZhongBoys Planet‘s Ollie, and Catherine Hung‘s son, Ashley Zhang. Zhang was a former contestant of All For One and became a part of New Storm together with the other finalists. C-pop group BOYHOOD members Wang Muqing, Jiang Xinxi, Yin Junlan, Liang Shiyu, Chen Xihao, and Guo Dianjia are also participating.

Chuang Asia: Thailand Chapter Application Still Ongoing

Previously, Tencent’s WeTV announced that their upcoming show Chuang Asia: Thailand Chapter is holding auditions for all females aspiring to be part of a new international girl group. There are no restrictions in nationality as they look for abilities in singing, rapping, dancing, performing, and more. The application period is open until October 31, 2023, and filming is expected to take place in Thailand.

A New Era of Survival Shows Airing Internationally

After a surge in popularity in China, Chinese survival shows which highly depend on fan voting suddenly came to a halt in 2021. Youth with You S3 came under fire due to the wasteful actions of fans dumping milk they don’t have any use for after purchasing them in bulk solely for the purpose of supporting their idols. While the show was suspended, the winners went on to form the temporary boyband IXFORM which disbanded on November 8, 2022. Meanwhile, the winners of Produce Camp 2021 went on to form the boyband Into1. They became the last boyband from an era of Chinese survival shows after disbanding on April 24, 2023.

It looks like these shows have found new pastures with its move to go global. Youku will air Asia Super Young on their international platform. Tencent will continue its Produce Camp series with Chuang Asia filming in Thailand. It’ll be interesting to see whether iQIYI, which is behind the success of Youth with You, will also strive to do the same.

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