“Youth With You 3” Surprises Fans as It Debuts New Boy Group IXFORM

Youth With You 3 trainees

Surprise! Just when we thought we’ve all heard the last of the talent survival show Youth With You 3, it appears the trainees who made the final cut are getting their much awaited debut after all. IXFORM as they are now called surprised many fans as they appeared onstage at the Chengdu Music Festival on July 25, treating their fans to two of their songs “Hello, Classmate” (同学你好) and “Just Right” (刚好) for their debut.

When the scandal ridden show was suddenly pulled off the air last May, speculation ran rife as to what caused the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau to halt filming. Many thought the controversies surrounding the show’s frontrunner Tony Yu Jingtian might have had a hand in its cancellation, but it turns out the clip showing a huge amount of milk being dumped and wasted after it was purchased by fans in what is now known as the infamous “milk pouring incident” is what ultimately caused its demise.

Youth with you 3 trainees debut
IXFORM debuts

Nonetheless, attendees of the Chengdu Music Festival got more than they bargained for when nine of Youth With You 3’s trainees appeared onstage together to announce their debut. Incidentally, one of the organisers of the Super Music Festival is none other than Youth With You 3 producer iQiyi… and since music festivals are all about celebrating music, what better way to make a band debut than at a music fest?


Pronounced X Form (can you see the reference to the number 9 in the “IX”?), the members of the newly formed boy group include Luo Yizhou at the centre position, Jojo Tang Jiuzhou, Lian Huaiwei, Kachine (Sun Yinghao), Neil Liu Guanyou, Jerome.D (Deng Xiaoci), Liu Jun, Sun Yihang, and Duan Xingxing – pretty much bang on the money as to what fans predicted last May. Tony Yu Jingtian unfortunately did not debut with this group since he already bowed out of the competition due to health reasons.

Youth With You 3 Surprises Fans as It Debuts New Boy Group IXFORM
Photos from Youth with You 3

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