Fans Bought and Dumped Milk in Large Quantities to Support Their Idol, iQIYI and “Youth with You 3” Apologize

Fans Bought and Dumped Milk in Large Quantities to Support Their Idol in "Youth with You 3," iQIYI Apologizes

When “Youth with You 3” was suspended from broadcast on May 4, it came at a time when negative news about its frontrunner Tony Yu Jingtian turned the spotlight on him. However, some speculated that there was more to the suspension due to a controversial “milk-pourinng video” going around online. When the suspension was first announced, “Youth with You 3” issued an apology along with a statement that they will comply with the regulations. Tony Yu has also withdrawn from the competition due to health reasons.

On May 6, China’s state-owned channel CCTV reported that fans of a certain variety show who needed to buy milk to scan the QR codes underneath the bottle caps as a way to vote for their idols hired people to dump the milk since they can’t drink them. The same day, iQIYI which is the online platform producing “Youth with You 3” issued an apology with the show’s production team to say that they’ve stopped recording for the final episode. They’ve also closed all voting channels. With the show’s postponement, it is unclear what will happen to the trainees fighting for their chance to debut as part of a new boy band.

Fans Bought and Dumped Milk in Large Quantities to Support Their Idol in "Youth with You 3," iQIYI Apologizes

iQIYI Opposes All Forms of Food Waste in Their Latest Statement

We sincerely apologize!

We have heard the criticisms from users and friends from the media. We feel very guilty and blame ourselves for the negative impact brought by this “milk-pouring video”. We express our deepest apologies. At the same time, we reiterate that we firmly oppose all forms of food waste.

We have and are continuing to reflect deeply: as a variety show, we must first ensure that we have correct values, so that we can be worthy of everyone’s love. In the process of production and broadcast, we overlooked the guidance of values and our social responsibility, neglected the reasonable regulations that the show should have implemented and neglected the serious negative effects that may be caused by these defects, we take full responsibility for this.

iQIYI’s management and the show’s production team have reflected deeply, and will use the most stringent standards and the strongest measures to ensure the show is steered in the right direction to contribute healthy and quality works to the users and the society.

The rectification measures for the program “Youth with You 3” are as follows:

  1. We’ve cancelled the recording and live broadcast for the debut night originally scheduled on May 8. The production team continues to carefully study and adjust the program rules.
  2. From now on, we’ve closed all support channels for “Youth with You 3.”
  3. For users who have purchased the “Activity Pack Products” from the merchant but have not used it, the platform and the merchant will work together to ensure a proper solution. The relevant rules will be announced on the official Weibo of “Youth Have You 3”.

We continue to work hard to make future programs healthier and for rules and regulations to be more reasonable. Along the way, iQIYI cannot separate itself from the love and care of society and the users. In the future, we will not disappoint society and user’s expectations, we will actively assume the main responsibility of the platform to create good content with correct and healthy values to repay everyone.

Once again, we sincerely apologize, and sincerely say to all friends who care about and love iQIYI: Sorry! We were wrong. We continue to reflect deeply and strive to bring more positive energy to society through healthier works.

iQIYI and “Youth with You 3” program team
Evening of May 6, 2021

“Youth with You’s” Drink Sponsor Also Issues An Apology [UPDATE]

As the brand sponsor of “Youth with You 3,” Zhenguoli has also issued an apology as of May 7 to expresss their full support for the rectification measures of iQIYI and the showrunners. With regards to the behavior of wasting milk, they are pained and strongly against all forms of food waste. They apologize deeply, reflect, make changes and implement their duty to society to avoid something of this nature from happening again.


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