Catherine Hung Takes Back Divorce Announcement Saying They Just Had Conflicts as Husband and Wife

Catherine Hung Takes Back Divorce Announcement Saying It Was Just a Fight Between Husband and Wife
Photo(s): Andy Zhang Danfeng and Catherine Hung / Weibo

It has been 12 days since Hong Kong star Catherine Hung suddenly announced her divorce, to which her husband Andy Zhang Danfeng simply said “Yes, it’s over.” However, it appears the 52-year-old actress has had a change of heart. She also addressed the cheating rumours that have been hounding her husband for years saying what happened has nothing to do with Bi Ying, Andy’s former manager who has been accused of being the third party.

On May 13, Catherine Hung took to social media with an apology. She wrote, “Recently, my husband Zhang Danfeng and I posted some emotionally-driven remarks on Weibo due to household conflicts between husband and wife, for this, we are deeply ashamed and sorry. We are deeply aware that our actions are immature and irresponsible. These remarks not only did not solve the problem, but instead made everyone worry about us…”

Catherine stressed how they realized their private problems on public platforms have had a very negative impact and they offer their sincere apologies. She further explained that every couple can quarrel over trivial things and their fight as husband and wife was never about the rumors online that her husband “cheated with his manager Bi Ying.” She reiterates, “The conflicts between us have nothing to do with Bi Ying. It’s just that couples will face some problems in getting along as husband and wife, the rumors got out of hand that we didn’t know where to begin to explain them.”

She continued to apologize throughout her post for not properly dealing with their feelings nor giving an explanation to their fans. She said they will reflect and face their problems more maturely and responsibly. Meanwhile, Andy Zhang shared his wife’s post saying, “Really sorry and hope for everyone’s understanding!”

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