Andy Zhang Danfeng Beaks Silence On Cheating Scandal, Says His Manager Has Resigned

Andy Zhang Danfeng Beaks Silence On Cheating Scandal, Says His Manager Has Resigned
Zhang Danfeng breaks silence after scandal
It has been weeks since rumors that Zhang Danfeng has been cheating on his wife, actress Catherine Hung, with his manager Bi Ying blew up in the media. The actor’s studio has since released a statement denying every rumor. 

Zhang Danfeng recently addressed the scandal to air his side for the first time. He opened up about the cheating rumors that have hounded him over the past few weeks. According to him, he didn’t want to repeat what he said last year (when he was first accused of cheating on his wife), choosing to not give attention to the rumors and to let his studio handle the situation. However, with maliciously doctored photos surfacing, he has chosen to speak up. Because of the intensity of the cyberbullying that he has been subjected to, Zhang Danfeng says that he ended up having a team of lawyers to fix matters.  
Zhang Danfeng Catherine Hung
One factor that further fueled the rumors was his wife Catherine Hung deleting almost all of their pictures from her Weibo account. Zhang Danfeng offers an explanation for her actions and says that Catherine Hung cleaned up her Weibo account after they quarrelled about Bi Ying.  While every couple will have misunderstandings and quarrels, Zhang Danfeng believes that those are private matters and that nobody outside the couple has a say in them.  He goes on by saying that no person has the right to judge him or ruin his family.  And just because he hasn’t said anything in the past, it doesn’t make it okay for anyone to bash him till kingdom come, he says.  
While Zhang Danfeng still believes that the world is a beautiful place filled with mostly good people, he has chosen to be cautious in dealing with others after this incident.  He ends by saying that Bi Ying has resigned as his manager and asks people to not hurt his family again.  
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