Catherine Hung Had to Announce Divorce with Zhang Danfeng Three Times and Claims “Someone” Kept Deleting Her Post [UPDATE]

Catherine Hung Confirms She and Zhang Danfeng Have Called It Quits on Their 14 Year Marriage
Catherine and Zhang Danfeng attending the Silk Road International Film Festival in January 2023
Source: Zhang Danfeng / Weibo

In an unexpected development, Hong Kong actress Catherine Hung announced on May 1st that she and Zhang Danfeng have finally called it quits on their 14 year marriage. “Myself and Zhang Danfeng are no longer husband and wife” she suddenly announced on social media. A few hours later, Zhang Danfeng confirmed the news when he said “Yes, it’s over” together with three crying emojis. Response to Catherine’s divorce announcement has been quite supportive given all the rumours surrounding the former couple.

Catherine Hung announcement

She Says “Someone” Kept Deleting Her Post

Oddly enough, an eagle-eyed Netizen pointed out that the actress actually announced her divorce thrice since 2 am last night. When asked about it, Catherine said “someone” kept deleting her post. Netizens assumed that she was referring to her ex, so when Zhang Danfeng separately confirmed the end of his marriage on his own social media page, a curious Netizen asked if he finally responded because he wasn’t able to delete his ex-wife’s post anymore. “Did your eyes see me delete it?” he fired back. He’s also continued to engage Netizens in the comments section. One asked if he’s gonna be with Bi Ying (his former manager), to which he responded sarcastically, “Be with you… ” He also tagged a Netizen saying to expect a lawyer’s letter while tagging yet another one saying, “I only scold people who create rumours and slander.

Past Cheating Allegations

Catherine married her now ex in 2009 whom she met whilst filming a drama in 2004. The two have a 10-year age gap. Looking at her though, you’ll never guess she’s now 52. They have two kids – 9-year-old daughter Yannes Zhang (张晞彤) and 22-year-old Ashley Zhang (張鎬濂), Catherine’s son with her ex-boyfriend actor Max Mok (莫少聰) who became Zhang Danfeng’s stepson when she remarried.

But then again, given the cheating allegations in the past, with his manager Bi Ying no less, I guess the divorce shouldn’t be entirely surprising. During the firestorm of speculation in 2019, Catherine deleting most of the couple’s photos on social media further fuelled talks of an affair. Even before, there had already been allegations and back then, Catherine defended her husband sayings she had faith in him.

Zhang Danfeng denied the accusations, even going so far as to enlist his lawyers to deal with the bullying and slander he’s been subjected to. He also revealed that Bi Ying also resigned as his manager.

Fast forward to a few years later yet the nature of his and Bi Ying’s relationship is still being questioned. Last year, the actor and Bi Ying were once again rumoured to be in the same hotel and that Bi Ying is allegedly still his manager. Catherine and Zhang Danfeng appearing together on the Silk Road International Film Festival red carpet holding hands this January seemed to dispel any rumours but it appears their marriage has come to an end after all.

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