“A Moment But Forever” Pairs Up Tiffany Tang and Liu Xueyi

"A Moment But Forever" Pairs Up Tiffany Tang and Liu Xueyi

A Moment But Forever 念无双 marks a number of firsts for its cast. Tiffany Tang who takes the lead as the titular heroine Wushuang has starred in a number of historicals throughout her career. Her breakout role was 2009’s Chinese Paladin 3, but this will actually be the 39-year-old actress’s first time playing the female lead in a xianxia series. Liu Xueyi levels up from playing a second lead in Love and Redemption to play the leading man. Both dramas are adapted from novels by author Shi Si Lang 十四郎.

Guo Xiaoting and Wang Hongyi in A Moment But Forever

A Moment But Forever tells the story of Goddess Wushuang who goes down to the mortal realm to assassinate Yuan Zhong, the high priest of the fox clan, in order to retrieve the power of “god’s left hand.” She witnesses how he’s isolated and wronged by his own clan and decides to protect him.

It also stars Guo Xiaoting as the princess of the human tribe and Lost You Forever’s Wang Hongyi as the youngest leader of the fox clan. 21-year-old Daniel Zhou Keyu rounds up the main cast. The young idol who became part of the temporary boy band Into1 after making the final lineup in the survival show Produce Camp 2021 stars in his very first historical drama. Filming has been ongoing since it kicked off earlier this month.

Zhang Li, Baron Chen, Sisters Who Make WavesYumiko Cheng and Bai Shu who was also a fan favorite in Love and Redemption take special starring roles.

Zhou Keyu acting debut

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