“Lost in the Stars” Wins Big at the Dragon Boat Festival Box Office

"Lost in the Stars" Wins Big at the Dragon Boat Festival Box Office
Photo: Zhu Yilong Studio

Congratulations are definitely in order for Lost in the Stars 消失的她 as it has emerged as the #1 film during the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday. The movie, which is based on the Soviet comedy film A Trap for Lonely Man, boasts the talent of actor-screenwriter-producer Chen Sicheng, whose vision and creativity breathed new life into the narrative to give viewers a gripping psychological thriller with many twists.

As of the latest cutoff on June 26 at 00:03, cumulative box office for the film has exceeded 700 million yuan (approx 97 million USD). Single-day box office has consistently exceeded 150 million yuan (21 million USD) for four consecutive days, not to mention day-on-day box office has risen substantially since its release on June 22. Lost in the Stars tells the story of He Fei (Zhu Yilong) who loses his wife on an anniversary trip but when she reappears (Janice Man), he claims that the woman before him is not his wife. When a top-notch lawyer (Ni Ni) intervenes, things become even more mysterious. Considering the plot, it seems apt to have the Chinese title translated as “Disappearing Her”.

Zhu Yilong has made an impressive evolution from a liuliang (traffic star) who found success through the BL-adapted drama Guardian to a critically-acclaimed actor. While having “traffic” aka popularity is certainly not a negative, the next step for many actors is to focus on building their filmography and he’s done so beautifully as he proves that he has talents to go with his looks. In fact, the 35-year-old actor was a Best Actor nominee for the spy series Rebel at the recent Magnolia Awards. Zhu Yilong has also certainly made a mark in his transition to a film actor as he successfully bagged the Best Actor award at the 35th Golden Rooster Awards for his amazing performance in the 2022 family film Lighting Up the Stars. This year’s Lost in the Stars is undoubtedly a very strong follow-up.

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