Zhu Yilong and Tong Yao Kick Off New Republican Spy Drama The Rebel

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Huzzah! It appears the drama gods must finally be smiling down on us wee mortals as another new drama starts the ball rolling!

It’s a double celebration today for actor Zhu Yilong as he celebrates both his birthday and the kick off of his new Republican spy thriller The Rebel 叛逆者 which he stars in opposite actress Tong Yao who won the Magnolia Award for Best Supporting Actress last year in Like a Flowing River. Adapted from Bi Yu’s novel of the same name, Zhu Yilong will portray Lin Nangsheng, a cadet trainee tapped by a government spymaster to infiltrate an enemy underground organisation. It’s worth noting that Bi Yu’s novel, from where the drama is based on, bagged the premier prize in the People’s Literature Award, so I reckon it’s safe to say that we can expect a thrillingly complex story from the drama.
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For today’s ceremony,  Zhu Yilong appeared sporting a fresh new haircut for the role whilst leading lady Tong Yao who’s also known as “Xiao Zhang Ziyi” or little Zhang Ziyi because of her uncanny likeness to the actress appeared fresh faced with her hair tied back in pig tails which I swear really reminded me of Zhang Ziyi’s look in her The Road Home days. 
Also in the cast are veteran actor Wang Zhiwen, Wang Yang, Zhu Zhu, Li Qiang, Zhang Zixian, and Yao Anlian with special appearances by Yuan Wenkang and Dai Xu.
A big happy birthday once again to Zhu Yilong!
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